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I have 7 hours, 55 minutes and 55 seconds left until my ban is lifted.

2008-08-17 20:24:34 by JUGGALO48

Actually, probably a little less by now. Anyway, I've been banned for 30 days for making a few Shoop da Whoop posts and then acting like a complete shithead when someone banned me. So it was around 3 days, but then he found more Shoops', so he raised it to about 9 days. I freaked out, he raised it to 30 days. That pissed me off, I freaked out, I realized I was being a dumbass. I gave up and waited it out. It's over, man. Tomorrow I'll make a post... provided I'm not busy not being on the internet. Dammit... busy schedule. Lol, so whether you care or not, I just wanted to let everyone know.


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