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Being banned sucks!

2008-07-21 21:05:05 by JUGGALO48

A guy named BRS fucking banned me for using shoop da whoop. Then, he found three more submissions featuring the lazer-firing freaky thing. So, then, my ban was extended. THEN, I got pissed off. So, I fucking wrote an angry message to him, and then, HE EXTENDED MY BAN TO 30 FUCKING DAYS! WHAT A SHITLOAD OF BULLFUCK!


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2008-07-21 21:23:48

Dude I got banned once for 3 days for ms painting a dick

JUGGALO48 responds:

It started as 3 days, lol. But then I freaked out on the guy. It's thirty days! That bastard.


2008-07-21 22:37:41

i got banned for 30 days once for screaming at a dude that posted up porn!!!! lolololololol

JUGGALO48 responds:

Lol, sucks, huh?